Lake Alva


A chance for quiet water? Please leave a comment on FW&P comments section in favor of speed control for Lake Alva. Only 298 acres on the Clearwater River chain, this little gem is rich in wildlife. It is a destination for paddlers during the off season.

This is a unique opportunity for paddlers in western Montana – a lake which is easily accessible and not flanked by houses. Let’s make our voices heard. It’s time that we have a place to go without speed boats and jet skis setting the agenda.

6 thoughts on “Lake Alva

  1. Geez, you are posting such beautiful photos of your state, you might get a stampede of tourists. If so, I hope they are the good kind. By the way, you are doing a great thing.

    • Thanks Sandy and Claire! I used to wonder about that, but not many people read my blog since I stopped doing poetry memes, so I’m not too worried. Besides you are all kindred spirits. 🙂

  2. You’re so right Christine. It’s hard to find somewhere nowadays that isn’t pollute by human noise! Even more so in our crowded country!

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