Not a bird

This is Matt’s Slow Stick RC electric plane. I think he likes it better than chocolate. He built it from a kit but chose most of electronics himself. He tinkers with it often and sometimes he lets me fly!


While he was flying I saw some Bison.They really are big animals as this was taken at quite a distance.These are the lucky seven. Don’t get in their way and they are fine.


8 thoughts on “Not a bird

  1. What a stunning photo! I know the plane is high tech, but it has an old fashioned look to it. You captured the perfect sky to set it off.

    I doubt that I will ever look down on buffalo. Do you have many up that way?

  2. Is that field purple with wildflowers? We just had another foot of snow. I am questioning liking his plane better than chocolate. Tell me it isn’t so!

  3. I think you are lucky to be able to fly around like a dragonfly. Looks like fun to me. I wouldn’t be so brave though.

  4. We are leaving Arizona next week and will be at our lake place starting 18 May. So tell Matt to bring his RC by our place and I will tell him about flying the 747-400 and all the other planes I use to fly. 🙂 Also I have a RC simulator on my computer that he might enjoy trying.

  5. No fair! I’ve driven passed that bison range place and haven’t seen one single bison, and you got to see lucky 7? ;P

    Great photo of the flier! YAY! Fun!

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