Same view; always different

I was experimenting with photos off of Camera Plus effects on my iPhone. The cows at dusk were posing with Chief Cliff in the background. Below is a shot I took off the front porch earlier in the day. This is essentially the same view but shot in different light. I was captivated by the clouds.



Waxwing in the apple tree


We have a lot of waxwings around lately. They rest in the apple tree and scope out the juniper berries in front of our big, dining room window. I have to keep the blinds drawn so they don’t bang themselves against the glass. These enlarge a bit. Other birds rarely come this close to the house but they love the juniper berries.

When they are around I have to keep a vigil because the neighbor’s cats love to crouch down under the fronds and wait… I have a special broom for those darn cats. I must look funny to my neighbors chasing the cats while the waxwings fly back and forth across the yard. It’s a thankless job but somebody’s gotta’ do it. 🙂