An Evening Paddle

This is a short account of our paddle at Big Arm on the evening of Memorial Day.

It was great to be outside and the water, although a bit choppy, was very nice.The sky was beautiful. I wish you all a fun weekend!




An eagle’s view


This is a photo taken from Matt’s RC Slow Stick, electric plane of Flathead Lake on Memorial Day. You can see Cromwell Island and Wild Horse; even Bird Island is faintly visible. You can make the picture larger.

We had a few rain showers, but for the most part it was a beautiful day. The eagles and hawks made the most out of the thermals too.We saw two baldies, a golden and several large hawks gliding around up there.

Memorial Day weekend


I sent this photo to our daughter-in-law today, being it is her birthday, but I thought I’d post it on QP just because it’s bright and now my tulips are about spent. Rain and snow, snow and rain this week, but I don’t mind. In whatever form the rains come I say: I love it. I hope you all have a happy, long weekend. And happy birthday to Caitlin!

A bird refuge extraordinaire’


This was taken from the levy across the valley, on the Charlo side of Ninepipes. The water from the dam above is now flowing so it looks way different than
when this was taken, three weeks ago. And we have had more rain. Still, there were birds all over the place. Now they are into full-on nesting. Those are all birds down there. I couldn’t count the number of species: from Curlews to black -throat stilts to Swans….and lots of gulls.

Lake Alva


A chance for quiet water? Please leave a comment on FW&P comments section in favor of speed control for Lake Alva. Only 298 acres on the Clearwater River chain, this little gem is rich in wildlife. It is a destination for paddlers during the off season.

This is a unique opportunity for paddlers in western Montana – a lake which is easily accessible and not flanked by houses. Let’s make our voices heard. It’s time that we have a place to go without speed boats and jet skis setting the agenda.

We go to the misty mountains

First off, thanks to all for the nice comments in the previous posts. Just to clarify a detail about the plane: Matt’s slow stick plane is radio or remote control. He’s on the ground and flying it around using servo, techie-type stuff. The servo broke on the camera end of things so he’s in the process of repairing that.I am sure I will post more plane pics later. Thus, no husbands were put in danger with the making of these photos.

Here’s another shot of the Missions taken from the Bison Range. It’s such a pretty time of year. I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful spring.



Not a bird

This is Matt’s Slow Stick RC electric plane. I think he likes it better than chocolate. He built it from a kit but chose most of electronics himself. He tinkers with it often and sometimes he lets me fly!


While he was flying I saw some Bison.They really are big animals as this was taken at quite a distance.These are the lucky seven. Don’t get in their way and they are fine.


Spring time cranked way up

We’ve had to wait a while for spring around here. So come on Spring already! This is another shot from the bird refuge last week. It looks like Fall because the willows are just turning. However, they are yellow in a springlike kind of way. In truth, I love that snow. I don’t care what season it is – I love it all. This is a large file so click on it if you want to see it big.


It’s time for the birds


Last Friday we went with friends to visit parts of Ninepipes Wildlife Refuge we’d never seen. Our friend works there so he took us on a back-roads tour. There were birds all over the place. Here are some of the shots
I grabbed. I know I need a bigger lens but this is what I had. Maybe when our youngest is finished with school, I can find one… ­čÖé Above is a Great Blue Heron.

These geese parents were simply trying to keep everyone together. We saw one couple stealing babies left and right so these two were sticking very close to their goslings. (Who knows whether or not they hadn’t stolen babies too!)

And the thrill of the day for me was seeing this Curlew. He was very busy in a field they were preparing for grain. Camouflage is such an amazing thing; it took a quick eye to spot it. I have more to come.