The heralds of spring

The Jocko River meanders among farmlands and eventually winds its way around the western flank of the national Bison Range. We enjoy this little river, especially in the early spring when dogwoods are beginning to redden. I love to visit this fishing access where you can find the most beautifully flat and smooth stones.

There’s nothing like icy, cold water on a sunny spring day.


At the top of the hill


Is your world feeling a little tippy today? Do events feel out of whack? They do to me – time to stop reading the latest Twitter news feed.

It’s time to get outside and oh! It’s the weekend coming up – perfect.
What fuels your creative energy? It’s time to go in search of adventure or maybe just a quiet place by the water.

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This is a photo from Matthew’s Slow Stick RC Plane last night. The Missions are beckoning spring into the valley.Soon the Balsamroot will be blooming.