We go to the misty mountains

First off, thanks to all for the nice comments in the previous posts. Just to clarify a detail about the plane: Matt’s slow stick plane is radio or remote control. He’s on the ground and flying it around using servo, techie-type stuff. The servo broke on the camera end of things so he’s in the process of repairing that.I am sure I will post more plane pics later. Thus, no husbands were put in danger with the making of these photos.

Here’s another shot of the Missions taken from the Bison Range. It’s such a pretty time of year. I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful spring.



Spring time cranked way up

We’ve had to wait a while for spring around here. So come on Spring already! This is another shot from the bird refuge last week. It looks like Fall because the willows are just turning. However, they are yellow in a springlike kind of way. In truth, I love that snow. I don’t care what season it is – I love it all. This is a large file so click on it if you want to see it big.


At the top of the hill


Is your world feeling a little tippy today? Do events feel out of whack? They do to me – time to stop reading the latest Twitter news feed.

It’s time to get outside and oh! It’s the weekend coming up – perfect.
What fuels your creative energy? It’s time to go in search of adventure or maybe just a quiet place by the water.

Hello world!

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We’ll be adding new content soon… it was time for a fresh start. Come back tomorrow!

This is a photo from Matthew’s Slow Stick RC Plane last night. The Missions are beckoning spring into the valley.Soon the Balsamroot will be blooming.