Kite photography

Kalaloch Beach kiteThis is a self-portrait of myself on the beach a couple weeks ago standing at the edge of the surf. I was attempting to retrieve a large piece of rubber flooring. It took several minutes but I was able to snag it and I carried it up to the dumpster in the picnic area at Kalaloch, in the Olympic NP. Being springtime there was much flotsam and we were able to assist, during our hikes, in the clean-up which took place that weekend. In the pouring rain, I might add – there was much water from the sea and from the sky. If we’d had our kayak, we easily could have slipped it into the surf and paddled out to sea.

We began trying aerial photography using a kite on this trip. It worked beautifully. Matt hung onto the kite here in this photo. It took both of us to launch the camera after we’d secured a good wind. We both took turns urging the kite upwards until it caught a good breeze, and then it flew perfectly despite the rain. Can you guess how large this piece of driftwood is?

driftwood from the air


Now that it is winter

It is the first day of winter. I’ve always marveled at the wisdom of celebrating winter because it’s the time of returning light.

That should be reason enough to step out the door in the evening and take the camera. I took these a few nights ago. I couldn’t believe the light show which ensued; it lasted for nearly a half hour. I’m so glad I decided to go for a walk.

The second photo is looking east as the light plays with clouds and an oncoming storm over the Missions.bisonrange

Missions from where an eagle flies


I keep waiting for Matt to post this on his site but he hasn’t yet. It’s too good not to share. So, here is a shot from his RC plane taken last month. The smoke was pouring in from a forest fire to the west of us. It gave the mountains an eerie glow at sunset. He processed this photo in Gimp – it enlarges. Any guess as to how high the plane was?

All photos copy protected.

An eagle’s view


This is a photo taken from Matt’s RC Slow Stick, electric plane of Flathead Lake on Memorial Day. You can see Cromwell Island and Wild Horse; even Bird Island is faintly visible. You can make the picture larger.

We had a few rain showers, but for the most part it was a beautiful day. The eagles and hawks made the most out of the thermals too.We saw two baldies, a golden and several large hawks gliding around up there.

Lake Alva


A chance for quiet water? Please leave a comment on FW&P comments section in favor of speed control for Lake Alva. Only 298 acres on the Clearwater River chain, this little gem is rich in wildlife. It is a destination for paddlers during the off season.

This is a unique opportunity for paddlers in western Montana – a lake which is easily accessible and not flanked by houses. Let’s make our voices heard. It’s time that we have a place to go without speed boats and jet skis setting the agenda.

We go to the misty mountains

First off, thanks to all for the nice comments in the previous posts. Just to clarify a detail about the plane: Matt’s slow stick plane is radio or remote control. He’s on the ground and flying it around using servo, techie-type stuff. The servo broke on the camera end of things so he’s in the process of repairing that.I am sure I will post more plane pics later. Thus, no husbands were put in danger with the making of these photos.

Here’s another shot of the Missions taken from the Bison Range. It’s such a pretty time of year. I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful spring.