Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year


From standing in the rainforest looking down to the ocean shore as Grey Whales feed in the surf, to beautiful kayak trips taken on the river with friends and family, to playing music with our Ukulele group and spreading the joy – I must say it was an amazing year.

But there is uncertainty for the future and the well-being of our country: distrust and chaos seem to be the theme in Washington. Sadly, there have been major environmental assaults and frightening decisions made by officials who have no idea what they are doing and ignore the science which exposes the follies of these policies. Greed seems to be king; and our leaders have no honor nor truth left in their rhetoric.

For all that is good and beautiful, we must not stop trying to combat the darkness. We must have hope. And hope is what I wish for you all in the coming year. We shall overcome. Keep the faith.

kayaking mother's day