A sunset in Hawaii – Big Island

I recently visited the Big Island in Hawaii with our son and a friend from Missoula. This shot was supposed to be part of a time lapse, but the timer had a few issues so I didn’t get a video, but I did get some nice shots. Matthew processed this for me. This photo was taken at the Living Stones Congregational Church on the Kona side of the island. They have a beautiful lava rock beach where we saw sea turtles and watched whales breach in the sunset.

It was a fantastic vacation in the middle of January. I kept looking at the calendar and feeling confused about the date: “Say what, January is it? No way.” Let’s just emphasize¬†that I didn’t have to take any vitamin D that week.

Oh yes – also: Flowers in January; big awesome “Heck, yes!” flowers.

sunset Stone ChurchIMG_0205