River Bliss

Flath shore

This little spot on the Flathead is not visible from the road. We have driven past it lots but didn’t know what was beyond until Matt decided to pull off one day and investigate. I think it must be a favorite fishing spot so I won’t divulge anything. 🙂  He can fly his plane on the footpath and I can sit here soaking up the peace with the flowers for companionship.And there are great rocks…


Memorial Day weekend


I sent this photo to our daughter-in-law today, being it is her birthday, but I thought I’d post it on QP just because it’s bright and now my tulips are about spent. Rain and snow, snow and rain this week, but I don’t mind. In whatever form the rains come I say: I love it. I hope you all have a happy, long weekend. And happy birthday to Caitlin!