Fields of Green

Last week we were asked to take photos of a place outside of town. It was a gorgeous day. To the right you can see the kite line. We certainly got our walking for the afternoon. The fields of the farm were green with new grass. This photo is looking west.Farm kiteAnd this photo is looking east. The Missions are bright and still have quite a bit of snow on them. We are using a GoPro and a small Canon camera to capture kite photos. Not at the same time, but some people get two kites in the air.. Hmm…

Lease Missions


Kite photography

Kalaloch Beach kiteThis is a self-portrait of myself on the beach a couple weeks ago standing at the edge of the surf. I was attempting to retrieve a large piece of rubber flooring. It took several minutes but I was able to snag it and I carried it up to the dumpster in the picnic area at Kalaloch, in the Olympic NP. Being springtime there was much flotsam and we were able to assist, during our hikes, in the clean-up which took place that weekend. In the pouring rain, I might add – there was much water from the sea and from the sky. If we’d had our kayak, we easily could have slipped it into the surf and paddled out to sea.

We began trying aerial photography using a kite on this trip. It worked beautifully. Matt hung onto the kite here in this photo. It took both of us to launch the camera after we’d secured a good wind. We both took turns urging the kite upwards until it caught a good breeze, and then it flew perfectly despite the rain. Can you guess how large this piece of driftwood is?

driftwood from the air


Sun, sand & Ice


The Clark Fork is a river in our area with a reputation for big ice jams in the winter. Right now however, the river flows free for the most part.

We found the sunshine on its banks a couple days ago. Sitting in the sand with ski pants on, I watched bits of ice turn in the water, sparkling snow boats, float slowly past.


Now that it is winter

It is the first day of winter. I’ve always marveled at the wisdom of celebrating winter because it’s the time of returning light.

That should be reason enough to step out the door in the evening and take the camera. I took these a few nights ago. I couldn’t believe the light show which ensued; it lasted for nearly a half hour. I’m so glad I decided to go for a walk.

The second photo is looking east as the light plays with clouds and an oncoming storm over the Missions.bisonrange

River Bliss

Flath shore

This little spot on the Flathead is not visible from the road. We have driven past it lots but didn’t know what was beyond until Matt decided to pull off one day and investigate. I think it must be a favorite fishing spot so I won’t divulge anything. :) ┬áHe can fly his plane on the footpath and I can sit here soaking up the peace with the flowers for companionship.And there are great rocks…